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Regardless of the cost of fleet-serve it is important an organization understand the hidden cost of implementation. There really is no such thing as a 'turn key' solution. And the aim of this information is to help potential clients understand the work changes necessary to use fleet-serve.


Each cost centre will need to nominate someone to update the web site. Typically this would be junior position in administration and for small to medium fleets this person needs about 2- 3 hours per month to update the system. In the initial months most, if not all, of our contact is with this person.

Each cost centre will need to nominate an overall manager for the implementation and typically this would be either a senior position in administration or operations. In the early stages this person is only contacted if a problem occurs with overall implementation. Generally such a person may have to respond to 4 or 5 paragraph type emails over the three month period.

If fleet-serve is being implemented across several cost centres then at regional and global level additional levels of management need to be nominated. Communication with these levels is fixed at a monthly progress report and so a maximum of 3 summary emails for the period.

Finally reporting tends to follow on from the above with monthly detail for the cost centre, quarterly summary for regional level and bi annual summary for global level. Clients differ on the time they spend on these reports but a general rule is probably about an hour.  

Getting Started

Once you have contacted us, we will request each cost centre send a list of their vehicles. Typically you will have this in Excel or Word. These are then loaded onto the system and within 2 - 3 working days a password, username and implementation plan are issued for each cost centre.

Our Support

Implementation varies from client to client but the average is 4.6 hours logged on the system to reach full competence. However, this time is nearly always spread over several sessions and so 2 - 3 weeks is a better indicator.

At each stage we provide support to the operator via checking their progress, verifying their work an emailing where appropriate.



"Simple to the point advice and support.  I have seen and used other packages but this is the best so far"

-Mark Bates Director Pierlite Mozambique


MSSB Consulting, Ireland 2007