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Distance Control

Controlling vehicle use means more than vehicle log books. Log books in themselves are relatively ineffective unless they are summarized into a vehicle report. Do not attempt to summarize trip information in the log book itself as this makes the information only as accessible as the log book itself. 

Often the best and most efficient way of recording summarized information is by simply recording the vehicles current kilometer reading on each fuel requisition made. And often you can ask your fuel supplier to do this for you.

The aim of summary is really to provide managers with a comparison of their vehicles. So what you need to do is express on a monthly basis the kilometers/day that each vehicle has traveled and so a monthly report would be a list of your vehicles alongside the kilometers per day they have traveled that month.

To calculate the kilometers per day take the last kilometer reading of the previous month from the current reading of this month and divide by the day interval between the two.

Do not go to all of this trouble and let the information sit in the transport department. At the very least circulate the information because simply drawing attention to problems in this manner often reduces unofficial vehicle use.

A example of fleet-serve's reporting can be downloaded here.


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