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Controlling Fuel

Controlling fuel is perhaps the hardest day to day vehicle management issue. Sadly the misappropriation of fuel is endemic in developing countries because of its value in relation to income. Typically fuel is misappropriated at the point of filling and is nearly always a collaboration between pump attendant and driver.

Setting a fuel ration is not a form of controlling fuel rather it is simply a means for containing a problem if you have one it does not solve it. 

Like vehicle use, collecting information is relatively easy and the challenge lies in summarizing this information into meaningful fuel report. And this in turn means you have to relate the fuel used by a vehicle to the distance it has driven.  So do not attempt fuel reporting and control until you have distance reporting and control.

The form most managers like to see fuel information in is on a month per month basis of kilometers driven per liters of fuel consumed. Such reporting allows non technical managers to easily compare different vehicles.

Again, if you collate kilometers and kilometers driven per liter of fuel and circulate this information it is likely your fuel control will improve by this measure alone.

A proposal for improving your vehicle management can be downloaded here.

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