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Maintenance Planning

Even with as little as 5 vehicles or less you should be procuring your maintenance planning on a quarterly or half yearly basis. In other words even if you run a very small fleet indeed do not fall into the expensive trap of dealing with your garage on an individual vehicle by vehicle basis.

Maintenance planning in developing countries is, for most, not a completely in house problem. Most rely on the private sector to provide this service and most struggle with a variety of garages and problems along the way.

The most common in-house problem you will face is either over or under maintenance. Vehicles have maintenance intervals and you should observe these. Typically vehicle administrators in developing countries have a fixed interval for all vehicle maintenance regardless of make and model. And typically this interval is well below those of modern vehicles. 

By definition maintenance planning depends on a plan and most vehicle administrators are unable to produce this in a timely and accurate manner. For larger numbers of vehicles it is quite a lot of work, calculation and layout and often proves out of date by the time it is finished.

In order to produce a maintenance plan you need the following information:

  1. Kilometers Traveled/Day

  2. Latest Kilometer Reading

  3. Maintenance Interval for the vehicle

The approximate date of the next service is given by the following:

next service = date of latest kilometer reading + ((next maintenance interval - latest kilometer reading)/kilometers traveled per day)

A proposal for improving your vehicle management can be downloaded here.

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