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Vehicle Reporting

Vehicle reporting in developing countries nearly always suffers from two problems:

Over ambition. Don't make it so complicated your staff can't follow it because this will hamper the sole reason for reporting- which is to make decisions. Vehicle reporting should be simple, summarized and comparative.   

No integration. Don't go to the trouble of producing vehicle reports unless you create a forum for them to be discussed. By and large most staff focus on producing reports they feel their boss wants to see and if you don't make the vehicle reporting a priority they most certainly will not.  

Aim for a basic vehicle report on a monthly basis and this should focus on the four major components of cost control:

  1. Fuel Costs

  2. Vehicle Use

  3. Repair Costs

  4. Tire Costs

Do not produce reams of detail and always express costs in terms of kilometers driven and always list the vehicles that are the most expensive in each cost category. Keep it simple, circulate it to your staff, highlight the worst offenders and you will find your costs will fall.

An example of fleet-serve's reporting can be downloaded here.


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